From the beginning I had focused on the Frigidaire Pro/Electrolux Icon separate Fridge/Freeze combo. Now try calling and asking for details via their Customer Service(?) If you purchase this Thermador range from Appliances Connection, you will get a 3-year warranty. So cool! We just bought a 48" Thermador dual fuel range. .I’m not looking forward to a day when I have to replace. I understand there are "lemons" in any brand, and I just happened to get one. We purchased 3 Thermador products for a kitchen remodel in Apr 2019 for ~July 2019 Install- Dishwasher (DWHD770WPR/01), wall oven (POD301W), and 36" Pro Harmony Dual Fuel Range/Overn (PRD364WDHU). The fridge hinge wore into the plastic which was super annoying. I am six weeks out. When we put in a full suite of new Thermador appliances with a kitchen remodel, our electrician urged us to have one installed... and I am glad he did. And the issue with the oven was door springs breaking, which cost about 150 bucks to service. Seven of the best over-the-range microwaves on the market. The market for pro-style ranges has been dominated for years by brands including Viking, Wolf, Thermador, KitchenAid, Dacor, GE Monogram, Kenmore Pro, Jenn-Air, Miele, and American Range. I will not touch Thermador with a 10 foot long pole. And that unhappy consumers are more likely to complain than happy ones. I have been using the 6-burner Professional cooktop for 9 years now and I LOVE it. The fridge also needed a service call because I couldn't manage to remove the water filter used for ice production. I really like the looks of the gray interior, the ice bucket moved down to an easier to reach level, and the filtered water spout in the frig...all things the old models lacked. You do mention something kind of funny about Since Bosch took over Thermador. Regarding your DW, try a different detergent (try the Method Smarty tabs available at Target), and also make sure to use rinse-aid, and see if that helps. My appliances are attractive (like the built-in fridge! Dishwasher: Three years into use, this dishwasher stopped working. I am out over 7k for these fridges, and Thermador has not replaced them for us. Buyer beware is more than ever a concern with manufacturer and company ownership that is not local. I'm not sure what the issues with others have been with the ice machine, but it's great. No problems with the dishwasher. Original review posted by user Aug 29, 2019. The fridge holds plenty for us- family of 4. Buyer beware! Have you seen the new Electrolux icon models yet, or pics/info on them? We’ve had a 48” oven range with steam oven for the last 4 years. It will come...and it HAS to be a nasty battle, or they will automatically discount your concerns. ft. Convection Oven at I have to input the temp again, which turns on the convection fan to reheat. The Best Thermador Ratings for March 2019. Written by Julia MacDougall. We‘ve had a Wolf L-series (now discontinued) wall oven for 5 years & my wife loves it. Thermador says "mild cleaning detergent" or something to this effect (nothing abrasive, etc.). Clicking sound for low simmer burner - they still haven't fixed this? I would probably be ok with 30" but the larger size would be nice. 30" is pretty roomy, and when paired with either the 24" or 30" freezer, makes quite a statement. Given it’s a built-in, I opted to have it fixed rather than hunt for something else that would fit. These are different from the car analogy of getting from A to B. Now we need a new electronic panel--I'm throwing this thing out and buying a Miele or Asko. Fantastic! And with a wide selection of bold design options, the possibilities are endless. I didn’t buy a water heater, I bought an oven, and there should be some better way to maintain temp. Fantastic service records from both. Yeah, we pay a bit of "brand tax" but there's a reason that they've built such strong brand equity over the years. Thermador does not know what is wrong with the cooktop therefore does not know how to fix it. So I am going again with Thermador, and adding Bosch for some other appliances. It's one of the reasons we chose Thermador in the first place because the Wolf range/double oven does not have the steam oven. You will be paying $5,000 - $18,000 for a professional style range, so you will call for assistance on problems you might not for a $500 range. I've seen them help customers of mine who were out of warranty. I have Thermador appliances and will never buy another Thermador. Every 7-8 minutes you hear the oven click click click and a whoosh of gas start to ignite. I know that Thermador is probably not the no. I'm just wondering if Thermador has improved on the issues over the years? This was covered by warranty. It was fixed quickly and I have not had another problem since. My cleaning lady works in many homes with upscale appliances, so she has seen a wide variety. i find it pretty easy to clean. Rank . The induction cooktop features four elements to help you cook a variety of meals, and 5.4 cubic feet of oven space gives you plenty of room to cook multiple dishes at once. California Law: License to Practice Interior Design? Can I ask why you decided to go with a cooktop and undermount wall oven instead of the range? After we ate dinner and cleaned dishes, I felt heat coming from the oven and when I opened the door, I was blasted with super high heat. I would purchase them again without question. Purchased Thermador double ovens, microwave, rangetop & refrigerator for a complete kitchen renovation in 2015. 2. When making the appointment I carefully explained which glass had shattered - today the service repair man showed up with the wrong glass. He had to use a coat hanger to open the oven and then leave a piece of twine dangling from the latch. Common Pro Range Issues Gas Ranges. tv and audio repair people. The double ovens needed service in their first year while under warranty. I get very little of the "pros and cons". This guide can help, Keep your kitchen clean and your home's air fresh by understanding all the options for ventilating via a hood fan, What does an Iron Chef go for in kitchen layout, appliances and lighting? I had chosen a full Thermador package 48" range w/ steam oven (huge selling point), tower fridge/freezer, a dishwasher of some sort and a hood (~$28K). get a model that has the 'speed perfect' cycle; basically it gives you the option to throw a lot of water at the dishes and get the cycle over quickly. Convection: The convection oven that comes with a dual fuel range is an excellent feature for bakers. ft. Convection Oven at DOWNLOAD. In 2019 Thermador launched a complete line-up of brand-new high-end cooktops with costs features. My 36-in range has been serviced 4 times in 3 years due to a bad starter. Ive also been told by the Thermador rep that the new model columns still have some kinks to be worked out. And we thought having a whole-house generator would protect us from power outages!!! The market for pro-style ranges has been dominated for years by brands including Viking, Wolf, Thermador, KitchenAid, Dacor, GE Monogram, Kenmore Pro, Jenn-Air, Miele, and American Range. Good for the dealer! Aquabeach - that is too bad about your appliances. The next issue is buying from an appliance store that supports the product not a large box-house retailer. It is a real challenge to find 24-30" columns that are not over 10k for the pair. I'm now certain that I want the Bluestar 48" cooktop but need to decide on the best wall oven. We are now waiting on "management" at Thermador to approve a replacement. The ignitor's started going off by themselves about 2 years ago. Having owned KA dishwashers previously, we knew we wouldn't be getting the super flexible loading options but we've found the Thermador to be sufficient.options but we've found the Thermador to be sufficient. Service to replace motherboard after 4 months. He talked to a Thermador tech person on the phone at my house. Sounds serious. With regard to appearance, we were sold at the first glimpse of the large interior, flexible shelves, spacious door bins, etc. 9.6 . I have had a Thermador range top, hood and double convection ovens for almost 19 years. its gorgeous and the precise nature of the top burners is amazing. The stove top had some issues with flames not burning even, which was resolved with new hardware ., Think Like an Architect: How to Pass a Design Review, How to Turn Almost Any Space Into a Guest Room, Building Permits: What to Know About Green Building and Energy Codes, 12 Decorating Scenarios When You Should Do Nothing at All, Expert Talk: Freestanding Bathtubs Make a Splash, 4 Obstacles to Decluttering — and How to Beat Them, Inside Houzz: Setting a Midcentury Mood in Portland. Appliances Ovens & Ranges Thermador SGSX365TS Gas Cooktop Review A luxury cooktop with form, function, and those iconic star-shaped burners. You can save 1000’s on other brands. Thermador customer service is the worse I have ever experienced! and has not had too many issues. I haven't had any service calls and take their reliability for granted now. Samsung will add Wi-Fi to four of its ranges. @larazb Still waiting on mine but it came down to price. I haven't seen the clock issue you are talking about, but regarding the dishwasher sound they do have a bulletin out for replacing the upper spray arm and tube on the basket. If I do not get my freezer fixed soon, I will take them to small claims as they never replace anything from what I have gathered. And we live in a somewhat rural area so there’s no service out here. The struggle I have found has been with the Fridge/Freezer. It is very very hard to clean them. i just realized thermador doesn't make a 36" all fridge column. Thermador's efficient burners (called star burners) are still the star of the show. Thermador rangetop, microwave & double ovens, Subzero Refrigerator. Eventually, Thermador said that they will "replace" the fridge because they could not fix it (what? ... Rank . Appliances would be more like the road; if it's in good condition, the experience & ware on the car will be better vs. bumpy/pot-holed. Thermador Pro Harmony Series 30 Inch Freestanding Dual Fuel Range with Natural Gas, 4 Sealed Burners, 4.4 cu. I like the Miele 48" range but there are almost no reviews and it is a new product. Now I regret that decision. The Thermador service tech has been here 3 times, diagnosed 3 different problems, and it still doesn't work. Thermador 48-Inch Pro Harmony and Pro Grand ranges help you take every dish to new heights--all with your signature culinary style. As I write this, I have been without refrigeration for 12 days. I’ve been dealing with fixing a microwave for 3 months. The Thermador cooktop (27 years old) has NEVER had a service issue, and is still going so strong I am donating it. I’m not trained on this product!”, Lovely views, display-worthy objects and dramatic backsplashes are just some of the reasons to consider getting out the sledgehammer, An avid home chef answers tricky questions about choosing the right oven, stovetop, vent hood and more, This collection of kitchen pantries covers a wide range of sizes, styles and budgets, Energize your favorite gray shades with pick-me-up accents as fresh as a spring day, Give your kitchen old-fashioned charm with refrigerators and stoves that recall yesteryear — even if they were made just yesterday, Range style is mostly a matter of personal taste. It took much longer to get the fridge running again this time, we thought it wasn't going to, it took so long. I needed two parts to fix the microwave. I also tend to be a person who doesn't want to be cliche or trendy and have what everyone else has....that said, again, there's a reason they're so highly regarded. Mines still under warranty, so not a longtime user, but I haven’t had any issues yet. 2. I would avoid Thermador at all costs. We aren’t entirely sure why, as their long running 36″ gas cooktop, the SGSX365FS, is a solid workhorse machine. But if you choose to buy these products, be prepared to do nasty battle with customer service. Also, the company I bought them from, Orson Gygi in Utah, will not do anything either. Main Pro Harmony range/oven never got fixed and now retail installer (Baron's in Manchester, NH) has escalated to Thermador but has placed burden on me to coordinate follow up with Thermador directly (not good customer service on their part). When we got the Thermador Pro Harmony PRD364GDHU dual-fuel range (MSRP $7,599) in for testing, we had great expectations. But in my case, the biggest lemon of all was my experience with Thermador customer care. When following up with Thermador today to inquire about exchange request submitted by Baron's, their support line (phone) had too long a queue requiring me to call back at a later time-- evidently they have not invested in a support call system that returns customer calls in the order received- another bad sign. We love the lighting inside and the overall layout of the fridge and freezer. It has a 3.5-star rating. They had 3 recent deliveries where the ranges showed-up DOA, 2 where the fridges were dead and a final delivery where they didn't ship the hood and told the customer it would be THREE months to receive. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Thermador 19-19-266 Compatible Replacement Mesh Range Hood Filter at I have a Thermador induction cooktop CIT365GM. Well the motherboard on the stove panel went out within a year (this controls most of what you do w/the range, btw), and it was replaced under warranty. By continuing to browse this site or use this app, I agree the Houzz group may use cookies and similar technologies to improve its products and services, serve me relevant content and to personalise my experience. I find (though others don't, I see) the cooktop to be very easy to clean and, but for a couple of small user-created scratches, it looks as good after cleaning as it did when we put it in. Be watchful! The salespeople just say that all of the ones i'm looking at are great. I cannot bake in them because of temperature fluctuation. 11.11.2020 Mastering the Mood Board Bria Hammel walks us through how to create a mood board like a professional. In 2019 Thermador released a full line-up of new high end stoves with premium features. The truth is service isnt great for any brand today so I suggest taking some kind of service contract to protect your investment. Dishwasher - Consumer Reports actually rates their Sapphire dishwasher pretty high -- but I've keep hearing people call the dishwashers "junk" which is it? You should see the appliances first hand, and in action, as I did. It’s great. I got the 30" for both for symmetry- I love symmetry ;) The units flank my range. Also, replacing water filter has been difficult....since Bosch took over Thermador. When you store food, food preservation design will contribute significantly to freshness & longevity. I’m so incredibly disappointed in the Thermador double ovens & their customer service is no better! One thing, though—and this is true for ANY oven with a computer/motherboard—DO NOT USE THE SELF-CLEANING FEATURE! The tech they sent me has been wonderful and he is seeking further training to understand our issue but I am still without a functioning oven. (Something the regular repair guys say they really do if they can't fix it...) But you have to go through the paces before it gets that far. It also boasts the world's lowest simmer capabilites, able to reduce burner heat to 100F. I replaced my stove that did not work with the same, except this time in dual fuel, still works terribly. Thanks for the extra work! Then the oven would come to temp and then would drop to about 200. The service tech who came out today was from a local appliance store that services Thermador. Product Name. Does the appliance do what you want from it, if not keep looking. Thermador Pro Grand Gas Range PRG486WDG - $11,549. If you go with Thermador, be sure you are in an area where they can send out their own techs and not a third party. After long hold periods, you have to repeat the entire case load to the new CSR, and in our case anyway, we were told everything from "the replacement is 100% covered under warranty" 3 days ago to "the replacement is not covered - estimated repair cost is $750-$900". I own a Thermador cooktop. The only problem I have is a configuration issue which wouldn't apply to either the columns or the 36" fridge (that the produce drawer isn't tall enough). The fridge is on it's own separate breaker. This full course of possibilities can help you find the right appliance to match yours, For a kitchen setup with sizzle, deciding between gas and electric is only the first hurdle. And, Yale also has ranked them No. It was probably put in 18 years ago and a couple of years ago, we had to have the compressor for the fridge replaced (there’s another compressor for the freezer). The clock went out and the racks that didn’t have the gliding feature got to sticking. So far they've been very responsive and helpful. Product Name. The serial number is 000007, which makes me believe that it is the seventh one off the production line. Our Jenn-Air has died for the 4th time in 6 years and, after getting a refund, we're trying to decide between a Thermador and Wolf 30" all gas range. After momentary power blips, the fridge power comes back on, but the refrigeration does not. Double Oven (digital version): The double oven is either too hot or too cold (we've called Thermador 5 - 7 times and everytime they come out their techs say 'Our ovens are within tolerance if they are 25 degrees over or under the set temperature'! We had a Thermador DF range for about 12-13 years, and I'd say the reliability was about average. This will bring the pricing much lower than you would normally pay for them. Sorry I yelled, but though they and everyone else offers it as a feature, it is definitely a weak link. The lists of best products are updated regularly, so you can be sure that the information provided is up-to-date. Did you do 24" freezer and did you have ice make issues as some other comments have reported? Good thread here, thanks all. I don't use it. I really like the layout of the freedom columns as well. Replaced with Thermador 6-burner gas range. So, I either will have to recall the sequence or pay $ 200 for someone to come out and push the 3 buttons. ha, Thermador is a high quality designer appliance. i'm considering buying all thermador appliances for our new kitchen. We have had one issue with the fridge that I think that you should know about. After several months, they just wouldn't get to temperature. Thermador and Bosch have the same heritage so we piggybacked on the great Bosch name to get the then offered 3 appliance deal. i find it pretty easy to clean. It’s great. The fridge appears to be running after this happens, but it's not. I'd be curious to compare. They are currently running a promotion. Will never give them another penny. Maybe putting old parts in new ovens to save money? Pretty good deal. Pretty ridiculous but I'm trying to be patient. I was also concerned after reading these threads. Long story short. Had a board on both ovens replaced because the on light wasn’t working. He replaced the display panel twice. It was a pain with all of the food scattered around.
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